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Anonymous, Kuwait, 20 years

A Miraculous Recovery from Hypothyroidism through Pranic Healing

I am compelled to share my awe-inspiring journey toward healing, guided by the transformative power of Pranic Healing. As someone who battled hypothyroidism for an arduous ten-year stretch, I found myself at a crossroads due to my skyrocketing TSH levels, which had surged to an alarming 34.11.

Enter Pranic Healing. 

After just one session, I witnessed a remarkable shift. My TSH levels swiftly dropped to 24, instilling in me a renewed sense of confidence and relief. 

Under the adept guidance of my Pranic Healer, Mrs. Mallika Suresh, my TSH levels steadily declined, reaching an astonishing low of 0.44 after the fifteenth session. 

This journey, once fraught with uncertainty, has culminated in the restoration of my health to a state where leading a normal life is not just a possibility but a newfound reality. To those grappling with health challenges, I urge you to consider the holistic approach of Pranic Healing. 

Thank you, Master, and thank you, Pranic Healing, for gifting me the opportunity to embrace a life of renewed vitality and normalcy.


Manjula, Navi Mumbai, 50 years
Ovarian cyst

I had been experiencing severe and persistent bleeding for over a month, accompanied by the discovery of cysts in my right ovary as per the sonography report. Despite trying allopathic medicine, there was no improvement in my condition. In a last resort effort, my doctor recommended the removal of my uterus.

In my quest for an alternative solution, I turned to Soham Pranic Healing Home. Following my first healing session, the bleeding decreased, and by the second session, it had completely ceased. I continued with the healing sessions for a month and then underwent a second sonography test. To my astonishment, and to the surprise of my doctor as well, all the cysts had disappeared. It truly feels like a miracle, and I am profoundly grateful. Thank you.

Pramila Savant, Mumbai, 43 years
Torn tendons

A few months ago, I experienced a fall resulting in torn tendons below my right knee. The subsequent pain was severe, rendering me unable to walk or stand. Following surgery, I experienced loss of sensation in the affected area, accompanied by increased unbearable pain in my right leg. Upon medical recommendation, I underwent physiotherapy, but saw no improvement after two months.

By chance, I learned about pranic healing and consulted with Mrs. Mallika Suresh regarding my condition. She initiated a healing regimen, and after two to three sessions, I experienced a significant reduction in pain, enabling me to stand without assistance. After twelve sessions, I achieved full recovery. I am deeply grateful to Mallika for her assistance and expertise.


Sanal, Bahrain, 49 years

I was previously diagnosed as a Stage II hypertension (high blood pressure) patient, and despite taking medication, my blood pressure consistently measured at 141/100. I had been relying on medication for nearly a decade, and my diastolic pressure ranged from 98 to 102. It was by chance that I discovered pranic healing, and I reached out to Mrs. Mallika Suresh for assistance. At the time, I was also grappling with severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Mrs. Mallika Suresh initiated distant healing sessions after thoroughly reviewing all my medical reports.

Remarkably, right from the very first day of the healing sessions, my IBS symptoms began to subside, and there was a notable improvement in my blood pressure readings. After undergoing a total of 20 healing sessions, my blood pressure had dropped significantly to a healthier level of 120/83. I am in awe of the transformative effects of pranic healing, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you.


Nirmal, Mumbai, 16 years
Kidney stone

I am thrilled to share my incredible journey of healing, thanks to the transformative power of Pranic Healing. At the tender age of 16, I found myself grappling with a 10 mm kidney stone, an excruciating experience that left me unable to urinate and in agonizing pain during each attempt. Confronted with the prospect of surgery, I felt a profound sense of fear and uncertainty.

After my first Pranic Healing session, I experienced a noticeable alleviation of pain, and a newfound ability to urinate emerged. The immediate relief brought about a sense of hope and optimism that I had not felt in weeks. Encouraged by these initial results, I committed to a series of Pranic Healing sessions. After 8 sessions, the 10 mm kidney stone had disappeared as per my sonography report. Thank you my healer.

Vinod, Calicut, 45 years
Severe depression

A few months ago, I battled severe depression, resulting in my inability to attend work. Despite undergoing few months of medication as prescribed by a doctor, there was no improvement; in fact, the situation worsened, spiraling out of control and leaving me devoid of hope. At the urging of my wife, I sought counsel from Mrs. Mallika Suresh. Within the initial sessions, I began to experience a sense of tranquility. Remarkably, after 15 sessions, my confidence returned, allowing me to resume my professional duties. With continued treatment, my life regained normalcy. Gratitude for the support received.


Rahi, Mumbai, 36 years
PCOD, endometriosis, blockage in fallopian tubes

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for an extended period. Conceiving a baby was impossible for me as per my doctor, as I had PCOD, blockage in one of the fallopian tubes, and endometriosis. I shared these challenges with Mrs. Mallika Suresh, and she started a healing process for me. Remarkably, after a month of healing, I received the unexpected news of a positive pregnancy test, and all other medical reports showed normal results. Now, we are blessed with a healthy baby girl. Our heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you very much.

Rithika B, Trivandrum, 20 years

A few weeks ago, I experienced severe stomach pain, leading to a diagnosis of appendicitis following a series of tests recommended by my doctor. Urgent surgery was advised. Fortunately, my mother was aware of pranic healing and reached out to Mrs. Mallika Suresh for assistance. Following eleven sessions of treatment, I experienced complete relief from the pain. Grateful appreciation to Mallika aunty for her invaluable help.


Anoop, Botswana, 35 years

I am delighted to share my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible healing journey I experienced with Pranic Healing. At 35, I found myself confronted with a painful lump on the back of my head, and the only medical advice I received was to undergo surgery. Faced with the prospect of an invasive procedure, I was determined to explore alternative options, leading me to the transformative realm of Pranic Healing.

From the very first session, I felt a noticeable reduction in the pain associated with the lump. This immediate relief brought a sense of comfort that I hadn't experienced in a long time. Encouraged by this positive shift, I committed to a series of Pranic Healing sessions.

To my absolute astonishment, the lump completely disappeared after just 10 sessions. The effectiveness of Pranic Healing surpassed my expectations, and I am immensely grateful for the gentle, non-invasive approach that spared me from the need for surgery. Thank you.

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